The Dangers of Being Your Own Boss - Employee Theft

I come from a family that has had its fair share of good times and bad. That didn’t have to be the case, had there been a little financial sense on the behalf of my dear parents. But, that whole set of circumstances just made me realize that there is no sure thing in life and that I had to rely on myself and my own hard work if I was to get anywhere in life. The learning experience was far from pleasant but I’m glad because it has made me somewhat tougher. And wiser because I’ve learned the value of money and how easily it can come, and go.

There was one thing I’ve always had my sights on and that thing was a college degree. Somewhere in my mind I knew, no matter what happens, I would have my degree and my knowledge and that would be something I could rely on. And it turned out to be true.

I was lucky enough to find a job after college. I worked hard and after a while I saved up enough money to start a company of my own that pretty much did the same kind of work that my old company did. This time, however, I would be the boss. Each new beginning is hard, and this one was no exception. I hired a few people that would work for me and with me. But, what bothered me was the fact that that beginning seemed to last for a long time and there were very few benefits I could reap even though I was working harder than ever.

Something's Not Right

Clearly, something was wrong. I suspected one of my employees might have been stealing from me. I spent days thinking on how I could approach this problem, I had a good idea what was happening but need a way to gather some evidence - if only for my own peace of mind. I had looked at installing hidden cameras in the office but that was going to raise suspicions. I decided to monitor my employee's work cell phone using spy software.

I had no clue what I was doing but some online research had me up and running. First I need a spy software product that was affordable, easy to use and well hidden. The Spyzrus Software website had some great spy software reviews including some products you might have heard of - Flexispy and mSpy. At this great resource I found out all I needed to know about using monitoring software the site is called - they have some great guides about installing and using the software. I must admit I was a bit skeptical about this working but I was desperate.

Since I was doing all the heavy lifting and the financial results were nowhere to be found, it had to be one of the people that worked in my company. And once again, I was right and it was the only time I wasn’t glad I was. It took less than a week to intercept emails to clients doing deals behind my back. The employee was stealing my customers whilst I was paying him a salary on top! Needless to say, I confronted the person who was stealing from my firm’s account and told them I had evidence of what they had done. They left quietly.

I hired another more qualified employee and things took off from there. My company was finally posting some considerable profit and in less than a year, I had enough money to invest and to expand the company.

Most people, when it comes to theft, share the same attitude. It’s the kind of thing that happens to other people and not them. Luckily, life has taught me a thing or two and I was able to avoid the mistakes my parents made before me. But, when it comes to your own company and your own money, you need to be careful otherwise it might cost you a lot.