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I am a self confessed technology fan with particular experience in cell phone and PC monitoring software programs. A mine field, both legally and ethically!

I have created this guide to help concerned parents and employers to manage their mobile devices and computers.

Spy software can have a bad name - this guide will show you the way to use it safely.    

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Which Cell Phone Spy Software Service Is The Best?

When looking for the best cell phone spy software application change your focus to which one might be right for you and your specific needs. It is simply not possible to come out and say - this particular mobile phone spy software application is the very best.

You have to figure out what features you actually need in terms of reports, how much you wish to invest and which kind of mobile devices you are working with.

Having tried a number of these programs I really only recommend choosing one of the next three: Flexispy, mSpy or MobiStealth. I have found each of these to be good and marketed by quality businesses which means that your purchase is going to be safe.

So which of these is likely to be ideal for your requirements?

Flexispy Cell Phone Monitoring Software

Flexispy can truly boast of being quite possibly the most advanced spy software system on the market. Flexispy works with the biggest list of mobile phones and operating systems.

This software offers live call listening for many mobiles - the only spy software program to have this option. The company is certainly reliable and has now been at the cutting edge of this technology for years - trustworthy, reliable and not merely after your money. Plus they have excellent support and reply to questions which is certainly essential with a technical item like this.

The user experience is great with very clear guidelines and an easy to use interface even for an unskilled user.
Flexispy does have a down side however. Flexispy is really the most costly option and by quite a margin - the full featured 12-monthly software will cost you about $350.

In my opinion there are actually only a couple of good reasons to go to this level of expense ; if you need to have live call listening or the type of mobile you have is not supported by the other companies. If you are the sort of individual who needs to have the absolute best then you won’t be disappointed. 

Mspy For Advanced Phone Monitoring

This is the newest spy phone software provider from my best three choices. They do the essentials well, have good help and support and a contemporary and user friendly interface. Where mSpy can be a let down is due to a smaller range of supported devices , they only include Apple iPhone and Android smart phones at the moment.

Furthermore with the business being somewhat new they do not have a proven track record which means that there is a slightly greater risk with your investment.  
Where I am going to endorse this one, is for their unique mobile tracking capabilities. They have some really ingenious monitoring and alert solutions excellent for keeping track of children and even staff members. For this alone they may be worthwhile checking out.

Price wise they are in the middle, close to $200 for the top 12-monthly contract. This spy software competes with Flexispy in relation to advanced capabilities if your Smartphone is suitable and for quite a bit less money.   


MobiStealth will be the sound, reliable choice without the fuss and a particularly appealing price tag. Not as full featured as the other brands but they carry out the main functions of cell phone monitoring and tracking well.

They are the longest standing spy software provider within this industry. Located in the U.S. and having a good support and after sales service record.

For most users they have all of the features you will need and provide support for a substantial variety of cell phones including the new iPhone. An important selling point is the value of this software. The best yearly product will cost you around $130 and you could start for around $50 for the three month deal. For someone starting out with this sort of spy software I suggest trying MobiStealth first.   

Exactly What Are Your Requirements?   

Naturally there's no such thing as best spy software what you want is what is best for you. If you would like call listening with all the nice features then Flexispy is designed for you, at a price.

If you like the idea of directly tracking your kids movements by their phone well then take a closer look at mSpy, when your device is actually on their list.

For the solid, dependable software option with slightly less in terms of the fancy features yet with a great price - Mobistealth will likely be the right spy software to get. The choice is yours to make!
Remember to use spy software responsibly and legally. Look at the company web sites legal disclaimers and be mindful of any legal requirements.